Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boy's Birthday Card

For some reason, I always feel that making a card for a guy's birthday is so much more difficult than making a card for a girl. It must have something to do with the fact that there are so many pretty floral papers in pinks! So I usually just end up making a really basic card whenever I make one for a guy! Today, as I was browsing the Two Peas in a Bucket website, as I occasionally do, I came across the A Year in Card's February Challenge to create a card that contained a gift.
(You can check the class out here and watch the video that goes along with it: Since I already had to make a card for my cousin's birthday, I thought I might as well make it under these guidelines and enter the contest! Since we didn't know what he wanted, we ended up just getting my cousin a giftcard and a gigantic chocolate bar, here's how the card turned out:

Here is the pocket on the inside for the giftcard:

And here's the spot for the chocolate bar:

I'm sure my soon to be 9 year old cousin could care less about what his card looks like, but I think it turned out pretty well!

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