Saturday, April 17, 2010

T-shirt Scarf

Several weeks ago I found this tutorial for making a scarf on the blog Ruffles and Stuff. I was so excited to find a use for my old t-shirts that I never wear anymore, and yet for some reason just can't throw away! The instructions on the tutorial said that she used 64, 4" squares for her scarf, but I definitely did not need that many for one scarf. I actually ended up making two and then giving one to a friend! Here are some pictures of the process.

Here is one of the old t-shirts that I started with:

Next I cut the two t-shirts into 4"x4" squares, pinned the squares together, and sewed them together with a zig-zag stitch:

And here's the finished product (with my lovely mess in the background!)

This was such a fun and simple project, and I have already worn this scarf so many times!

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  1. cute! I don't think I've seen it on you yet…